Shrimp Pilaf

Yesterday some friends and I went to a day trip to Kawaguchiko. Finally I could go there and saw a perfect view of Mt. Fuji. In the afternoon, we had lunch at a houtou restaurant near the entrance to Kachi Kachi Ropeway. Instead of ordering one menu for one person, Sre and I decided to order two kinds of menu and shared them, hehe. This was the first menu. I never knew this dish. Sre said that it looks like nasi goreng. I ate it, wow, the rice was really tasty. I wondered how they make it so tasty because I didn’t see many seasoning there. Other friends guessed that it might be cooked by using butter. But I wasn’t really sure because the texture was similar to regular rice. Today I googled it and and found an explanation that pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. Now it makes sense, haha. I think someday I’ll cook it by myself. 😀


Monjayaki & Okonomiyaki at もんじゃや, Ueno

After Ume’s visit, another IF’05 friend came to Tokyo. This time is Riftadi. He took a test to obtain Cisco Certification (すごいですね). Previously, Gibran and I brought Ume to Sushiro. And for Riftadi, we chose okonomiyaki restaurant. Actually I chose it because I’ve never been to okonomiyaki restaurant before, haha. First, we ordered one seafood monjayaki and one seafood okonomiyaki. I know how to make okonomiyaki, but I know nothing about monjayaki. So we asked the waitress to make them for us. Interesting. Monjayaki is similar to okonomiyaki, but monjayaki dough has more liquid than okonomiyaki. If you are really hungry, in my opinion, monjayaki can’t make you full, haha. Of course one monjayaki and one okonomiyaki weren’t enough for three of us. Then we ordered two seafood okonomiyaki. Later Asri joined us, and we ordered one more okonomiyaki, haha. Full enough, and finally I experienced okonomiyaki restaurant. 😛


So this was my dinner tonight, kaki furai or deep fried oyster. I avoided writing “kaki” on the title since it means “foot” in Bahasa Indonesia, hihi. But kaki in Japanese could mean oyster (kanji: 牡蠣) or persimmon (kanji: 柿). I first ate kaki furai at Gusto restaurant a year ago. Then some days ago I saw a youtube video on how to make kaki furai, really easy imo. I happened to find the oyster at supermarket yesterday, so I tried to make it. I guess oysters are not available a whole year, so I can not make it whenever I want. And in Gusto it is a seasonal menu. The video also showed how to make the tartar sauce, but I didn’t make the sauce because I still have some that I bought at supermarket.

You can find the recipe here.

Butterfly Ebi Fry

Akhirnya dah lumayan berhasil bikin beginian, walau penampakannya masih belum perfect, ihihi. Beberapa waktu lalu sempat pengen nyerah, tapi pas liat ada udang gede-gede di supermarket jadi penasaran lagi deh pengen eksperimen udang dengan butterfly cut. Sebelumnya pake udang biasa aja, ternyata yang gede emang lebih mantep pemirsah :p Tartar sauce mantep banget dah sama ini. Enaaaakkkk.

Link resep: ada di sini. (tapi saya pakai salad dan tartar sauce yang sudah jadi dan potongan udangnya berbeda)

Italian Rice (Seafood Paella)

Ceritanya girls day out gitu sama Sre dan Nova. Trus kita makan di Grazie Gardens, Chofu. Saya milih ini. Awalnya saya tanyain ini kenyang atau ga (lapar banget waktu itu), soalnya dulu di Saizeriya mesen menu Paella nasinya cuma seuprit, ga kenyang. Ternyata porsinya gede, wew. Secara bumbu, masih lebih mantep nasi kuning Indonesia kayaknya. Tapi seafood-nya oke punya. 😀