Mix Grill Karnivor

Throwback July 19th. I was recommended to try steak at Karnivor, one restaurant on Jalan Riau, Bandung. The restaurant has tagline: Let’s Meet Our Meat! Of course, meat is the main menu there. I ordered Mix Grill Karnivor. It contained three kinds of meat: grilled chicken breast, terderloin, dan bratwurst. Enak!


Grilled Chicken Vietnam

Last Saturday I met Anis and Arinta, my college friends. It took long time for us to decide where we would eat since everyone said terserah (it’s up to you :lol:). Finally we decided to have lunch at Giggle Box cafe & resto in Bandung Indah Plaza. I ordered this menu because it’s the only menu that had rice, CMIIW. I was really hungry so I wanted rice, haha. Well, for me this menu was not so tasty. I mean I cannot really taste the seasonings. 😛

Soto Ayam

I brought Ru and Pati to The Kiosk, Dago to had dinner. This restaurant served many kinds of Indonesian cuisine. Ru and I chose soto ayam, a yellow spicy chicken soup with noodles and boiled eggs. It is also served with rice and kerupuk (prawn cracker). Turmeric is added as one of its ingredients to get yellow chicken broth. Actually Indonesia has many varieties of soto, and this is one of them.

Pahe 10 Saung Bambu Racik Desa

Ru and Pati, friends I met when I lived in Komaba International House, Tokyo, came to Bandung on May 5th. That day I accompanied them having one day trip in Bandung. First we visit Tangkuban Perahu, which took about 2 hours from Bandung city. On the way back to Bandung, we had lunch at Saung Bambu Racik Desa at Jl. Setiabudhi. It was my 2nd time there, and I ordered this. Pahe is abbreviation of paket hemat (economical package, I guess :P). It consisted of nasi bakar peda (fish baked rice), chicken, tempe mendoan, lalap (raw vegetable), and sambal. The rice was spicy, but the chicken was sweet. Nice combination. But the portion was too much for me.

Makan-Makan di Rumah Makan Doa Basamo

The trip from Painan to Padang took several hours since my family drove slowly. 😛 We stopped in a restaurant to have dinner. It was a kind of rumah makan Padang (Padang restaurant), but in West Sumatra we never call a restaurant as rumah makan Padang. Padang restaurant has some different serving style. In this restaurant, after we were seated, we did not have to order. The waiter immediately served the dishes directly to the table. All of the plates of food are laid out in front of us and we only paid for whatever plate we ate from. If you need any additional food, you can simply ask the waiter to bring the food you want. So you do not have to eat all of the foods, unless you are able to, haha. It was also my first time to try gulai kepala ikan (fish head curry). I knew that many people said that it’s really delicious, but I’ve never want to try it before, until that day. And in fact, it’s really good. 😀

Chicken Biryani

We ended our trip by having dinner at Siddique, Shinjuku. I often eat at this halal restaurant, especially if I want to eat halal meat when I’m too lazy to cook. 😛 But this was my first time ordering the biryani. I usually order the curry and naan. My first impression: it burnt my tongue. 😆 I guessed because of the pepper and it’s still hot. But later I could adapt myself to the spicy taste. 😛 As far as I know, biryani is usually cooked by using basmati rice. But I thought this was made by using Japanese rice. You can see that the rice grain is different. However I prefer Japanese rice to basmati rice, so it’s better for me, hehe. Buuut, the portion was too much for me that  should struggle to eat it up. >.<

Chicken Nugget

This was my first time making chicken nugget. Most of the nugget’s recipes require us to steam the chicken mixture before coating the nugget with egg and breadcrumbs. Other way, we can bake the mixture in the oven or using microwave. This time I used microwave, since it’s the quickest way. Recently I’m really lazy to cook, haha. 😛 I guess the texture will be different if we use different way. Later I’ll try another method. 😀