Tumis Jamur Bakso

Throwback July 22nd. This was my first cooking in Bandung, haha. I know, I know it wasn’t appealing, lack of color, even lack of seasoning, haha. Here is its behind the scene. A work colleague has mushroom cultivation. One day, we talk about jamur crispy  (crispy mushroom) in the office and he said he would bring the mushroom sample for us. Several days later, he brought the mushroom. I thought it was the jamur crispy which were ready to eat. But in fact, he brought fresh mushroom. 🙄 No way, I should cook, after almost 4 months without cooking. 😡 So after work I went to supermarket to but some ingredients and seasonings. I bought bakso (meatball) and just stir fry them with salt and pepper. And that’s the result, haha. I know I should have added green veggie and chili pepper to make it better, but you know, I was really lazy now, not like when I lived in Japan. 😆


Mix Grill Karnivor

Throwback July 19th. I was recommended to try steak at Karnivor, one restaurant on Jalan Riau, Bandung. The restaurant has tagline: Let’s Meet Our Meat! Of course, meat is the main menu there. I ordered Mix Grill Karnivor. It contained three kinds of meat: grilled chicken breast, terderloin, dan bratwurst. Enak!

Gyuu Daiji Raamen

Japanese food has become very popular in Indonesia. We can find many sushi, ramen, and other Japanese style restaurants. In Japan, I’ve never eaten ramen because most of them use pork which is not halal for me. On April 27th, some friends and I watched Iron Man 3 at Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk). After that we had dinner at Daiji Ramen Ciwalk. Since I was not familiar with ramen and it was my first time there, I asked the waitress what the recommended menu was. She said gyuu daiji ramen, then I ordered it. Well, honestly, the taste was a lil bit strange for me. I still prefer cheap kake udon in Japan, hehe. Maybe someday I’ll try other menu.

Doner Kebab

Yesterday I met Fine a.k.a Pipin and her super cute daughter, Hikari-chan. We went to Anpanman Museum in Yokohama. Before going home, I had dinner at Kebab Cafe Shibuya since I didn’t have any food at home. 😛 That was my second time ordering “big size” menu (last year I ordered Kofte). Well, I was really hungry, hehe. As far as I know, a Doner kebab are usually served wrapped in a flatbread or as a sandwich instead of being served on a plate. But this one was served on plate, plus they added rice there.

Sate Padang

Eksperimen saya hari ini. Mission accomplished! Udah lama pingin coba bikin, soalnya ga ada yang jual di sini. Orang Indonesia kalo ngadain acara lumayan sering sih bikin sate, tapi sate ayam dengan saos kacang. Cukup dah sekali ini aja bikinnya, fufufu. Tadi pas ngerebus si ketupatnya, saya lupa nyalain kipas ventilasi dapur, jendela dapur juga ditutup karena dingin. Selama sekitar 20 menit ada kayaknya saya tinggal si dapur dalam keadaan tertutup, begitu balik dapur penuh uap dan dinding udah beruap basah. Oh God >.< Pas bikin kuahnya, saya kira saya punya tepung beras, ternyata adanya tepung beras ketan. Hadoh. Akhirnya saya akalin aja, mencampur aneka tepung biar dapet kentalnya. Hoeh. Lebih mantep pake tepung beras emang, tapi at least rasanya udah enak, lalala. Ini dah bagus menurut saya for the first attempt yang rada ngaco. :))