So this was my dinner tonight, kaki furai or deep fried oyster. I avoided writing “kaki” on the title since it means “foot” in Bahasa Indonesia, hihi. But kaki in Japanese could mean oyster (kanji: 牡蠣) or persimmon (kanji: 柿). I first ate kaki furai at Gusto restaurant a year ago. Then some days ago I saw a youtube video on how to make kaki furai, really easy imo. I happened to find the oyster at supermarket yesterday, so I tried to make it. I guess oysters are not available a whole year, so I can not make it whenever I want. And in Gusto it is a seasonal menu. The video also showed how to make the tartar sauce, but I didn’t make the sauce because I still have some that I bought at supermarket.

You can find the recipe here.