Yesterday some friends and I went to a day trip to Kawaguchiko. Finally I could go there and saw a perfect view of Mt. Fuji. In the afternoon, we had lunch at a houtou restaurant near the entrance to Kachi Kachi Ropeway. Instead of ordering one menu for one person, Sre and I decided to order two kinds of menu and shared them, hehe. This was the first menu. I never knew this dish. Sre said that it looks like nasi goreng. I ate it, wow, the rice was really tasty. I wondered how they make it so tasty because I didn’t see many seasoning there. Other friends guessed that it might be cooked by using butter. But I wasn’t really sure because the texture was similar to regular rice. Today I googled it and and found an explanation that pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. Now it makes sense, haha. I think someday I’ll cook it by myself. 😀