Hello from reisha.net


Lama ga update. Maafkeun, hehe. Topik MPASI Akas sudah usai dan saya belum dalam mood untuk foto-foto makanan, jadi sementara saya skip dulu update blog ini sembari menyelesaikan update di blog-blog saya yang lain. Daaan di postingan ini saya mau mengumumkan bahwa saya sekarang punya web pribadi di reisha.net. Silakan berkunjung yaa, hehe.

Ceritanya blog saya ada empat, ga cuma blog ini, tapi riweuh ya kalau mau buka satu per satu kalau mau lihat update baru. Di reisha.net, saya mengagregasi alias mengumpulkan tulisan di keempat blog saya ke sana. Kenapa saya dulu memilih punya banyak blog dan menyebar-nyebar tulisan saya, bisa dibaca selengkapnya di sini.

Tapi, blog food.reisha.net ini ga bakal ditinggalkan apalagi dihapus kok. Bakal tetap ada dan insya Allah juga akan saya isi. Pun tulisan di blog ini juga ga semuanya saya copy ke reisha.net, cuma sebagian postingan terbaru. Jadi, ke depannya tulisan di sini juga bakal ada di reisha.net, tapi tulisan di reisha.net tidak semuanya ada di sini. Begitu kira-kira.

Sekian dulu update kali ini. Terima kasih buat para pembaca yang telah membaca tulisan-tulisan saya selama ini. 🙂


Hello Again, World!


It has been 2 years and 3 months since the last post of this blog. Sooo many things happened that made me neglect this blog. (Or let’s say that I was very lazy, haha).

I plan to update this blog again. But let me tell you some major updates in my life while this blog was abandoned. 😀

  • I’m married! The wedding was on January 9th, 2014. Then I moved to Balikpapan to live with my husband. I cooked almost everyday for my husband, sometimes I took some pictures of the food especially when I tried new recipe. But then I didn’t post them here, haha.
  • I’m a mom of a cute baby boy! My son was born on June 19th, 2015. Since I have baby, I seldom cook, haha. It’s really difficult for me to have good time for cooking since I take care my baby all by myself.
  • Last month, my baby started having solid foods! And I plan to prepare homemade baby foods everyday for my baby. I am really excited now. Therefore, I think I’ll post my baby foods here so that this blog will not be neglected again, hehe.

Another thing, since married, I managed other blog, evan.reisha.net. It contains many stories about our wedding preparations, wedding days, our traveling stories, out life after wedding, my first pregnancy, etc. But all in Bahasa Indonesia :P. 

And for my baby foods posts, I would like to write them also in Bahasa Indonesia. Better be like that. ^^v But for other foods I’ll still use English. 😀

OK then. See you! 

Tumis Jamur Bakso

Throwback July 22nd. This was my first cooking in Bandung, haha. I know, I know it wasn’t appealing, lack of color, even lack of seasoning, haha. Here is its behind the scene. A work colleague has mushroom cultivation. One day, we talk about jamur crispy  (crispy mushroom) in the office and he said he would bring the mushroom sample for us. Several days later, he brought the mushroom. I thought it was the jamur crispy which were ready to eat. But in fact, he brought fresh mushroom. 🙄 No way, I should cook, after almost 4 months without cooking. 😡 So after work I went to supermarket to but some ingredients and seasonings. I bought bakso (meatball) and just stir fry them with salt and pepper. And that’s the result, haha. I know I should have added green veggie and chili pepper to make it better, but you know, I was really lazy now, not like when I lived in Japan. 😆


Several months ago, I asked Eva to bring tapioca from Indonesia. She brought tepung sagu, flour made from sago (well, Wikipedia Indonesia said that it has similar characteristic to tapioca :P). I wanted to try making pempek, but I still didn’t have any will chance to make it, until two days ago Eva asked me if I had time today to conduct the experiment on pempek using that flour. 😆 Pempek is a savoury fishcake delicacy from Palembang, Indonesia, made of fish and tapioca. Pempek is served with a dark, rich sweet and sour sauce called kuah cuko (lit. vinegar sauce). So this was our experiment. The pempek was still not so good, haha, but the sauce was good. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to make pempek properly to friends from Palembang. 😆

Chicken Nugget

This was my first time making chicken nugget. Most of the nugget’s recipes require us to steam the chicken mixture before coating the nugget with egg and breadcrumbs. Other way, we can bake the mixture in the oven or using microwave. This time I used microwave, since it’s the quickest way. Recently I’m really lazy to cook, haha. 😛 I guess the texture will be different if we use different way. Later I’ll try another method. 😀

Chicken Francaise

I want to cook chicken, but have no idea what to do. Then I randomly look some Laura Vitale’s cooking video that use chicken as the main ingredient, and I found this. I have all the ingredients and it’s really easy. Comparing to Laura’s, of course my chicken looks horrible, haha. Well, this is another sour food I made. Somehow I feel sour taste is not suitable for my tongue.

You can find the recipe here. (I skip wine)

Sop Tahu

This is my dinner tonight, tofu soup. 😀 I remember that when I just arrived in Japan, I tried to cook Japanese silken tofu for the first time. I fried the tofu and it came out really strange for me. Actually that was because I used the wrong tofu to be fried. I didn’t know that there are many kinds of tofu here, haha. But after that time, I didn’t want to cook tofu anymore. Trauma maybe, haha. Until my Hokkaido trip last summer changed everything. In one hotel, I ate tofu that was very very delicious for me, haha. Then I tried to eat tofu again. I think make simple soup for the silken tofu is one of the best way to process tofu. And I will never fry the silken tofu again. 😆

You can find the recipe here. (I skip some ingredients because I don’t have them)