Mix Grill Karnivor

Throwback July 19th. I was recommended to try steak at Karnivor, one restaurant on Jalan Riau, Bandung. The restaurant has tagline: Let’s Meet Our Meat! Of course, meat is the main menu there. I ordered Mix Grill Karnivor. It contained three kinds of meat: grilled chicken breast, terderloin, dan bratwurst. Enak!

Makan-Makan di Saung Gawir Ciwidey

Oh my God, 4 months without any update 😡 Since I returned to Indonesia, I almost never cooked anymore. It’s really easy to obtain halal foods here, and they’re cheap. I guess my laziness in cooking and my laziness in updating this blog are directly proportional. I’ll just post some old photos I should have posted months ago. Throwback June 6th. That day my Plurkers friends and I went for a day trip to Ciwidey. It’s located on the south of Bandung. After visiting Kawah Putih and Situ Patengan, we had lunch at Saung Gawir restaurant. I ordered Nasi Belang Komplit + Teh Botol. It consisted of three kinds of rice, served with pepes ayam, tahu, tempe, and vegetables. My friends order Ikan Gurame Goreng Cirambay, fried fish served with hot sauce and strawberry (Ciwidey is famous with its strawberry). Actually it wasn’t listed on the menu because it was very very hot and spicy that could get you stomach ache. So only few people know and order that menu. I’ve tried it, and I couldn’t eat it 😯 The other photos are otak-otak (a kind of fish cake) and fish soup.

Grilled Chicken Vietnam

Last Saturday I met Anis and Arinta, my college friends. It took long time for us to decide where we would eat since everyone said terserah (it’s up to you :lol:). Finally we decided to have lunch at Giggle Box cafe & resto in Bandung Indah Plaza. I ordered this menu because it’s the only menu that had rice, CMIIW. I was really hungry so I wanted rice, haha. Well, for me this menu was not so tasty. I mean I cannot really taste the seasonings. 😛

Soto Ayam

I brought Ru and Pati to The Kiosk, Dago to had dinner. This restaurant served many kinds of Indonesian cuisine. Ru and I chose soto ayam, a yellow spicy chicken soup with noodles and boiled eggs. It is also served with rice and kerupuk (prawn cracker). Turmeric is added as one of its ingredients to get yellow chicken broth. Actually Indonesia has many varieties of soto, and this is one of them.

Pahe 10 Saung Bambu Racik Desa

Ru and Pati, friends I met when I lived in Komaba International House, Tokyo, came to Bandung on May 5th. That day I accompanied them having one day trip in Bandung. First we visit Tangkuban Perahu, which took about 2 hours from Bandung city. On the way back to Bandung, we had lunch at Saung Bambu Racik Desa at Jl. Setiabudhi. It was my 2nd time there, and I ordered this. Pahe is abbreviation of paket hemat (economical package, I guess :P). It consisted of nasi bakar peda (fish baked rice), chicken, tempe mendoan, lalap (raw vegetable), and sambal. The rice was spicy, but the chicken was sweet. Nice combination. But the portion was too much for me.

Bebek Debus + Nasi

On April 21st, I joined UKM Gathering program, a program that was held by UKM-ITB  to gather UKM’s member and alumni. It’s a kind of reunion for me after never joining UKM’s activities for 3 years when I was in Japan. After that program, some alumni and I had dinner at Bebek Garang restaurant in Jl. Sulanjana, Bandung. Bebek means duck, so it serves duck as the main dishes. I ordered bebek debus + nasi. It is duck grilled with spicy seasoning and served with rice and lalap (raw vegetable). Actually the debus  word came from the name of a martial art from Banten. Debus is a form of invulnerability to sharp objects; a supernatural force that provides resistance to sharp objects, beatings, and burns. Maybe they named it bebek debus  because of the spiciness of this menu. 😛

Makan-Makan di Rumah Makan Doa Basamo

The trip from Painan to Padang took several hours since my family drove slowly. 😛 We stopped in a restaurant to have dinner. It was a kind of rumah makan Padang (Padang restaurant), but in West Sumatra we never call a restaurant as rumah makan Padang. Padang restaurant has some different serving style. In this restaurant, after we were seated, we did not have to order. The waiter immediately served the dishes directly to the table. All of the plates of food are laid out in front of us and we only paid for whatever plate we ate from. If you need any additional food, you can simply ask the waiter to bring the food you want. So you do not have to eat all of the foods, unless you are able to, haha. It was also my first time to try gulai kepala ikan (fish head curry). I knew that many people said that it’s really delicious, but I’ve never want to try it before, until that day. And in fact, it’s really good. 😀

Nasi Kapau jo Gulai Tambunsu

Yesterday I went to Bukittinggi and ate nasi kapau at Los Lambuang, Pasar Lereng. Los Lambuang (lambuang, lambung = stomach) is an area where you can find many nasi kapau and katupek pical stalls. Nasi kapau is the cuisine of the Minangkabau people, specifically from Kapau, Bukittinggi. The serving style is, after the customer is seated, he or she is asked which dishes they desire. The chosen dishes will be put directly upon the steamed rice or in separate small plates. You only need to ask at least one dish, then you will obtain that dish and other additional dishes such as sayur gulai (vegetable curry), sambal, etc. This time I chose gulai tambunsu. Tambunsu is typical food of Kapau made from beef intestines filled with egg mixture. It’s really delicious. Recommended. 😀

Paket Nasi + Ikan Mas Bakar

And finally, welcome back to Indonesia, the land where it’s really easy to obtain halal food, yay. 😀 That day Pike and I went to Pasar Baru, Bandung. I would like to buy some stuffs for my new living place. Previously I thought I would just have lunch at food court of Pasar Baru, but Pike didn’t recommend that. Then we went to Istana Plaza because I would also find some other stuffs there. We had lunch at the food court and I order this menu, nasi (rice) with ikan mas bakar (grilled carp). They said that the food vendor was newly open, so the price was discounted from Rp20,000 to Rp16,000. The fish was big, the sambal was OK, and the price was cheap, but what made me annoyed was that the food came 40 minutes after I ordered. Errrr.. 😡

Kha Nom Toy

We also ordered a dessert at Chao Thai. “Kha Nom Toy (Thai style coconut custard)” was written in the menu. Actually most of the dessert in that restaurant contain coconut milk. I like the taste, but don’t think to eat much if you really concern about your cholesterol, hehe.