Nasi Kapau jo Gulai Tambunsu

Yesterday I went to Bukittinggi and ate nasi kapau at Los Lambuang, Pasar Lereng. Los Lambuang (lambuang, lambung = stomach) is an area where you can find many nasi kapau and katupek pical stalls. Nasi kapau is the cuisine of the Minangkabau people, specifically from Kapau, Bukittinggi. The serving style is, after the customer is seated, he or she is asked which dishes they desire. The chosen dishes will be put directly upon the steamed rice or in separate small plates. You only need to ask at least one dish, then you will obtain that dish and other additional dishes such as sayur gulai (vegetable curry), sambal, etc. This time I chose gulai tambunsu. Tambunsu is typical food of Kapau made from beef intestines filled with egg mixture. It’s really delicious. Recommended. 😀


Monjayaki & Okonomiyaki at もんじゃや, Ueno

After Ume’s visit, another IF’05 friend came to Tokyo. This time is Riftadi. He took a test to obtain Cisco Certification (すごいですね). Previously, Gibran and I brought Ume to Sushiro. And for Riftadi, we chose okonomiyaki restaurant. Actually I chose it because I’ve never been to okonomiyaki restaurant before, haha. First, we ordered one seafood monjayaki and one seafood okonomiyaki. I know how to make okonomiyaki, but I know nothing about monjayaki. So we asked the waitress to make them for us. Interesting. Monjayaki is similar to okonomiyaki, but monjayaki dough has more liquid than okonomiyaki. If you are really hungry, in my opinion, monjayaki can’t make you full, haha. Of course one monjayaki and one okonomiyaki weren’t enough for three of us. Then we ordered two seafood okonomiyaki. Later Asri joined us, and we ordered one more okonomiyaki, haha. Full enough, and finally I experienced okonomiyaki restaurant. 😛

Sop Tahu

This is my dinner tonight, tofu soup. 😀 I remember that when I just arrived in Japan, I tried to cook Japanese silken tofu for the first time. I fried the tofu and it came out really strange for me. Actually that was because I used the wrong tofu to be fried. I didn’t know that there are many kinds of tofu here, haha. But after that time, I didn’t want to cook tofu anymore. Trauma maybe, haha. Until my Hokkaido trip last summer changed everything. In one hotel, I ate tofu that was very very delicious for me, haha. Then I tried to eat tofu again. I think make simple soup for the silken tofu is one of the best way to process tofu. And I will never fry the silken tofu again. 😆

You can find the recipe here. (I skip some ingredients because I don’t have them)

Masak-Masak di メゾンドリラ 201

So we have sleepover night again at Sre’s apartment. No special occasion though 😛 First we cooked kuah ayam madu (chicken with honey sauce), by using an instant product from Malaysia. But in our opinion, the tomato flavor was much stronger than the honey. Other menu was simple stir fry of vegetables. Then we made bakpao, which finished at midnight 😆 The next day we made green tea hotteok, a sweet Korean pancakes.

Masak-Masak Edisi Tahun Baru 2013

Happy New Year 2013 everyone! Finally we — Sre, Nova, and I — executed our plan to cook and stay overnight together. Our first menu was tofu hamburg, the same menu I learned at Survival Cooking III event. We chose it because Sre couldn’t attend the event but she wanted to try the recipe. Then we made simple salad from vegetables, smoked salmon, and 1000 island salad dressing. The next experiment, my choice, was sweet potato mont blanc. Many efforts were needed to make this dessert, especially the sweet potato cream, haha. The last one was fried tofu, Nova’s idea. 全部, 美味しかった. 😀

Survival Cooking III

Lama dinanti *ajieee* akhirnya acara Survival Cooking ada lagi, hoho. Survival Cooking yang pertama dan kedua dulu diadakan bulan Juni, tahun ini baru bisa terlaksana bulan Desember. Kali ini menunya tofu hamburg, gyoza, salad, dan crepes. Crepes sebenarnya dulu juga pernah diajarin di Survival Cooking I, trus kali ini biar beda si crepesnya ditumpuk sehingga jadi mille crepes cake 😀