Gyuu Daiji Raamen

Japanese food has become very popular in Indonesia. We can find many sushi, ramen, and other Japanese style restaurants. In Japan, I’ve never eaten ramen because most of them use pork which is not halal for me. On April 27th, some friends and I watched Iron Man 3 at Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk). After that we had dinner at Daiji Ramen Ciwalk. Since I was not familiar with ramen and it was my first time there, I asked the waitress what the recommended menu was. She said gyuu daiji ramen, then I ordered it. Well, honestly, the taste was a lil bit strange for me. I still prefer cheap kake udon in Japan, hehe. Maybe someday I’ll try other menu.


Kuai Tiao Tom Yum Gung

This was my second time having dinner at Chao Thai restaurant in Shibuya. I ordered this menu, basically tom yum gung soup with rice sticks. I feel the “kuai tiao” is the same to kwetiau in Indonesia, which is a kind of noodle made from rice. The soup was delicious, but there were too many noodle comparing to the veggie and the shrimp. And also, in my opinion, tom yam I ate at a Thai halal restaurant in Shin-okubo (now it moved to Tabata) years ago was more tasty. Sre still ordered Pad Thai. Evan also ordered this menu, plus rice. 😛


This was the second menu that Sre and I ordered. When visiting Mt. Fuji area, I think we should try houtou noodle (ほうとう). Hoto is a hearty hot pot dish (nabemono) local to Yamanashi Prefecture. I knew houtou from my trip to Fuji and Hakone on 2011. That time we learned how to make houtou. So when planning the trip to Kawaguchiko yesterday, I decided to ate houtou again, hoho. 美味しかったです. 😀

Makan-Makan di Thai Restaurant Chao Thai

Oh my God, it’s almost 1 month I didn’t update this Posterous. It feels like really looong time for me. Last month I was busy finishing my thesis. It wasn’t that I had no time to cook or to eat new food in the restaurant, but I had no will to do both. Sigh. And finally I finished my thesis defense on February 8th. That day was also thesis submission day for Sre. Then we arranged eating out together, also with Nova. Actually we planned to eat at Sweet Paradise, but it’s already closed on 8 pm, huhu. Then we moved to a Thai restaurant. I ordered Pad Woon Sen, which was almost like bihun goreng in the street food in Bandung :)). Sre ordered Pad Thai and Nova ordered Tom Yum.

Makan-Makan di Halal Bihalal Bersama Muslimah

Ini makanan di acara halal bihalal bersama di SRIT. Luar biasa emang acara ibu-ibu, makanannya super duper buanyak, ahaha.. Ini juga kelewatan sih banyaknya dan jenisnya, mpe ga cukup lambung buat nyicipin semua jenis, fufufu.