After Ume’s visit, another IF’05 friend came to Tokyo. This time is Riftadi. He took a test to obtain Cisco Certification (すごいですね). Previously, Gibran and I brought Ume to Sushiro. And for Riftadi, we chose okonomiyaki restaurant. Actually I chose it because I’ve never been to okonomiyaki restaurant before, haha. First, we ordered one seafood monjayaki and one seafood okonomiyaki. I know how to make okonomiyaki, but I know nothing about monjayaki. So we asked the waitress to make them for us. Interesting. Monjayaki is similar to okonomiyaki, but monjayaki dough has more liquid than okonomiyaki. If you are really hungry, in my opinion, monjayaki can’t make you full, haha. Of course one monjayaki and one okonomiyaki weren’t enough for three of us. Then we ordered two seafood okonomiyaki. Later Asri joined us, and we ordered one more okonomiyaki, haha. Full enough, and finally I experienced okonomiyaki restaurant. 😛