It’s me 😀

Reisha Humaira, a girl who previously studied at The Land of Sakura, including learning how to cook. Cooking which is initially because of the difficulties on obtaining halal food in Japan, but it is becoming a very enjoyable activity. Still an amateur, far away from the word “professional”. I like not only cooking, but also taking pictures of foods. And this blog is indeed dedicated for food. 😀

“selamat makan” is an Indonesian phrase for “enjoy your meal” or “bon appétit”. It is usually used in Indonesian dubbing for Japanese anime as translation for いただきます (=itadakimasu). In the real life, Indonesian never yells “selamat makan” like Japanese says itadakimasu before eating. 😀


This blog originally lived in, but since Posterous announced it would turn off on April 30, it was migrated here. 🙂


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