Pisgor Keju Warung Daweung

Throwback June 6th again. From Ciwidey, we went to Bukit Moko, at eastern part of Bandung. Bukit Moko is the highest point in Bandung, and it has very beautiful night view. I have seen several Bandung night view from different spots and I can say that Bukit Moko is the best in Bandung! Up there, there is one cafe called Warung Daweung. I wasn’t really hungry so I just ordered this pisgor a.k.a pisang goreng (fried banana), served with mix of sugar and palm sugar, plus keju (cheese). It was the most delicious pisang goreng I’ve ever tried. No, I don’t exaggerate. Even I ordered one more because one portion is not enough, haha. Previously, my friend said that this menu was called pisang goreng berpasir (fried banana with “sand”). Yeah, the texture of sugar and palm sugar are really similar to sand. 😀


Cireng Cipaganti

This was other food I ordered in The Kiosk beside soto ayamCireng derived from the Sundanese language means aci goreng or fried aci. So it is named cireng because the main ingredient is aci  (starch) mixed with flour, water, and seasonings. The snack is chewy and delicious. Although very  simple, the snack is preferred by many people. As time goes by, the Sundanese snack is getting more developed. Some people add filling to cireng. There are some flavor such chicken, beef, sausage, meatballs, etc. Cireng Cipaganti is the first one who made cireng with filling, they said.

Lompong Sagu

Lompong sagu, another food I tried in Pesisir Selatan. Lompong sagu is mainly made from sago, banana, and palm sugar, and also wrapped in banana leaves and grilled on hot charcoal. It’s sweet and really delicious. It’s my first time trying lompong sagu and one wasn’t enough that day, haha. It’s more deliocious when it’s still hot.

Lapek Jaguang

Lapek jaguang in Minangkabau language or lepet jagung ini bahasa Indonesia, is an Indonesian traditional snack made from corn (jaguang, jagung = corn). I searched on the Internet and I found that this snack is usually wrapped in corn husks, but this one used banana leaves. I think because in West Sumatra people don’t usually save the corn husk, just throw them away directly. 😛

Kawa Daun

Yesterday my family brought me to try kawa daun. Kawa is Minangkabau word for coffee and daun is Minangkabau or Indonesian word for leaves. Kawa daun is a Minangkabau traditional drink, especially from Kabupaten Tanah Datar, Sumatra Barat. Kawa daun originated from roasted dry leaves of coffee tree. The dried leaves is boiled with hot water and poured to coconut shell. The taste was between tea and coffee. We went to Tabek Patah, Kecamatan Salimpaung. On this area (Jl. Bukittinggi-Batusangkar), we could easily find kawa daun stalls. We entered Pondok Goreng Alifha Kawa Daun, Tabek Patah KM 16, Batusangkar, Sumatra Barat. They served not only kawa daun but also goreng (assorted fritters) such as tahu isi (filled tofu), bakwan (vegetable fritter), and goreng tapai (fried cassava tapai)Size of the goreng was big, and the price was only Rp1,000, except goreng pisang (banana fritters) which was Rp1,500. Kawa daun was only Rp2,000. Very cheap and delicious. You should try them. 🙂


Pertama kali icip ini kerupuk udang pas ke Oze. Sebelumnya udah pernah denger dari Adek kalo ada kerupuk udang Seven Eleven yang enak banget, tapi ga tau penampakannya gimana. Dan emang enak bangeeettt. Sesuai namanya, kerupuknya fluffy gitu, empuk banget. Kalo ibarat makan puding, di mulut langsung meleleh gitu *lebay*. Tapi ya, ternyata ga ada di semua Sevel si kerupuknya. Ini hasil perburuan ke Sevel ketiga yang saya masukin, haghag.