Several times ago I found a cake named Lamington, a dessert of Australian origin. I think it’s really easy to make. It’s simply a sponge cake coated with chocolate icing and desiccated coconut. So finally I tried to make it yesterday, and this is my result. 😛 Actually I feel the icing is too sweet for me (maybe because I’m more familiar with Japanese cake recipes which are never too sweet). No wonder, it contains much sugar. I think it’s better to replace some of the sugar with melted chocolate, but I don’t know if it still could be called as Lamington or not, haha.. By the way yesterday I used dark cocoa powder instead of cocoa powder. It’s my first time using dark cocoa powder, and it came really dark, almost black, haha.

You can find the recipe here.


Linguine with Egg in Purgatory

Yesterday I was really tired even I slept away after Maghrib prayer. I woke up around midnight and I was really hungry. I didn’t have any rice in my rice cooker, and also no instant noodle. I decided to make pasta with a simple sauce. So I made the egg in purgatory, which is egg cooked in a tomato sauce.

You can find the recipe here. (I use linguine instead of bread)

Salmon Sambal Dabu-Dabu

I still go on with a simple cooking. I think salmon is the easiest fish to process yet very delicious. I often cook salmon, but what else I can do with it? I need something different, hehe. Then this sambal dabu-dabu, a sambal from Manado, came to my mind. It’s really simple. I used chili, tomato, onion, lemon juice, salt, and sugar, then finally put a lil bit of hot oil into the mixture. Spicy, sour, and fresh sambal. 😀 And for the salmons, I just marinated them with salt and pepper, and sauté them for a few minutes.


So this was my dinner tonight, kaki furai or deep fried oyster. I avoided writing “kaki” on the title since it means “foot” in Bahasa Indonesia, hihi. But kaki in Japanese could mean oyster (kanji: 牡蠣) or persimmon (kanji: 柿). I first ate kaki furai at Gusto restaurant a year ago. Then some days ago I saw a youtube video on how to make kaki furai, really easy imo. I happened to find the oyster at supermarket yesterday, so I tried to make it. I guess oysters are not available a whole year, so I can not make it whenever I want. And in Gusto it is a seasonal menu. The video also showed how to make the tartar sauce, but I didn’t make the sauce because I still have some that I bought at supermarket.

You can find the recipe here.

Microwave Chocolate Cookies

Yesterday I watched a youtube video about how to make microwave cookies. It is really easy and quick, so I feel I should give it a try. I remembered that I have white chocochips so I planned to use them. Since white chocochips will be invisible in the basic recipe, I modified the recipe into a chocolate cookies. The formula is: substitute 10% of the flour with cocoa powder (and these also works for cake recipe). I have 500W microwave, so I set the time exactly the same with the recipe. Wait until the cookies cold, and they came out really crunchy. Nice quick snack 😀

You can find the recipe here.