Yesterday I went to Bukittinggi and ate nasi kapau at Los Lambuang, Pasar Lereng. Los Lambuang (lambuang, lambung = stomach) is an area where you can find many nasi kapau and katupek pical stalls. Nasi kapau is the cuisine of the Minangkabau people, specifically from Kapau, Bukittinggi. The serving style is, after the customer is seated, he or she is asked which dishes they desire. The chosen dishes will be put directly upon the steamed rice or in separate small plates. You only need to ask at least one dish, then you will obtain that dish and other additional dishes such as sayur gulai (vegetable curry), sambal, etc. This time I chose gulai tambunsu. Tambunsu is typical food of Kapau made from beef intestines filled with egg mixture. It’s really delicious. Recommended. 😀