Kuai Tiao Tom Yum Gung

This was my second time having dinner at Chao Thai restaurant in Shibuya. I ordered this menu, basically tom yum gung soup with rice sticks. I feel the “kuai tiao” is the same to kwetiau in Indonesia, which is a kind of noodle made from rice. The soup was delicious, but there were too many noodle comparing to the veggie and the shrimp. And also, in my opinion, tom yam I ate at a Thai halal restaurant in Shin-okubo (now it moved to Tabata) years ago was more tasty. Sre still ordered Pad Thai. Evan also ordered this menu, plus rice. 😛

Chicken Biryani

We ended our trip by having dinner at Siddique, Shinjuku. I often eat at this halal restaurant, especially if I want to eat halal meat when I’m too lazy to cook. 😛 But this was my first time ordering the biryani. I usually order the curry and naan. My first impression: it burnt my tongue. 😆 I guessed because of the pepper and it’s still hot. But later I could adapt myself to the spicy taste. 😛 As far as I know, biryani is usually cooked by using basmati rice. But I thought this was made by using Japanese rice. You can see that the rice grain is different. However I prefer Japanese rice to basmati rice, so it’s better for me, hehe. Buuut, the portion was too much for me that  should struggle to eat it up. >.<

Shrimp Pilaf

Yesterday some friends and I went to a day trip to Kawaguchiko. Finally I could go there and saw a perfect view of Mt. Fuji. In the afternoon, we had lunch at a houtou restaurant near the entrance to Kachi Kachi Ropeway. Instead of ordering one menu for one person, Sre and I decided to order two kinds of menu and shared them, hehe. This was the first menu. I never knew this dish. Sre said that it looks like nasi goreng. I ate it, wow, the rice was really tasty. I wondered how they make it so tasty because I didn’t see many seasoning there. Other friends guessed that it might be cooked by using butter. But I wasn’t really sure because the texture was similar to regular rice. Today I googled it and and found an explanation that pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. Now it makes sense, haha. I think someday I’ll cook it by myself. 😀

Doner Kebab

Yesterday I met Fine a.k.a Pipin and her super cute daughter, Hikari-chan. We went to Anpanman Museum in Yokohama. Before going home, I had dinner at Kebab Cafe Shibuya since I didn’t have any food at home. 😛 That was my second time ordering “big size” menu (last year I ordered Kofte). Well, I was really hungry, hehe. As far as I know, a Doner kebab are usually served wrapped in a flatbread or as a sandwich instead of being served on a plate. But this one was served on plate, plus they added rice there.

Mango Gruss

Hicha from Kobe stayed in my apartment during her trip to Tokyo. Yesterday was her last day in Tokyo. I couldn’t accompany her yesterday since I had trip with another friends. Even I left my apartment before Hicha went out, hehe. She backed to Kobe from Shinjuku by bus on 10.20 pm, and since I arrived at Shinjuku on 9 pm, I decided to meet her. The first question she asked: “is there any restaurant around here?” Haha. Then I brought her to Siddique Shinjuku. She ordered tandoori chicken and rice. Since I’was still full after having dinner at Yumean, I only ordered this dessert. I don’t know the ingredients of this dessert, even I can’t find it on Google, haha. I guess it contained mango, cream, and sugar. I like mango but this dessert taste was too sweet for me.

Makan-Makan di Thai Restaurant Chao Thai

Oh my God, it’s almost 1 month I didn’t update this Posterous. It feels like really looong time for me. Last month I was busy finishing my thesis. It wasn’t that I had no time to cook or to eat new food in the restaurant, but I had no will to do both. Sigh. And finally I finished my thesis defense on February 8th. That day was also thesis submission day for Sre. Then we arranged eating out together, also with Nova. Actually we planned to eat at Sweet Paradise, but it’s already closed on 8 pm, huhu. Then we moved to a Thai restaurant. I ordered Pad Woon Sen, which was almost like bihun goreng in the street food in Bandung :)). Sre ordered Pad Thai and Nova ordered Tom Yum.

Cheese Naan

*baru ingat ada foto ini*. Karena banyak yang bilang cheese naan itu enak, akhirnya saya cobain juga deh. Ini makan di Siddique Shinjuku. Tadinya saya kira bentuknya kayak naan yang biasa dimakan sama kari itu terus atasnya ada kejunya, ternyata bulat dan kejunya juga ada di lapisan dalamnya. Kayak pizza tapi tebal dan rasa naan *apa coba*. Potongan 1 wuih enak, 2, 3 masih OK, mulai ke-4 perut saya udah kenyang, ke-5 masih dikuat-kuatin, akhirnya sisa 3 lagi minta bungkus bawa pulang, wkwk.

Waffle with Strawberry and Chocolate Sauce

Makan paella dilanjutkan dengan dessert ini di Grazie Gardens, Chofu. Agak gede juga ternyata potongan waffle-nya.

Italian Rice (Seafood Paella)

Ceritanya girls day out gitu sama Sre dan Nova. Trus kita makan di Grazie Gardens, Chofu. Saya milih ini. Awalnya saya tanyain ini kenyang atau ga (lapar banget waktu itu), soalnya dulu di Saizeriya mesen menu Paella nasinya cuma seuprit, ga kenyang. Ternyata porsinya gede, wew. Secara bumbu, masih lebih mantep nasi kuning Indonesia kayaknya. Tapi seafood-nya oke punya. 😀

Berry Crepes

Hari ini ke Shibuya, ketemuan sama Icha, Mbak Isti, Kiki, dan Dika buat ngeskrim, sekalian farewell buat Icha yang akan kembali ke Indonesia. Fufufu. Saya pesen ini. Dalam crepes-nya isinya potongan buah-buahan. Hohoho.