Hicha from Kobe stayed in my apartment during her trip to Tokyo. Yesterday was her last day in Tokyo. I couldn’t accompany her yesterday since I had trip with another friends. Even I left my apartment before Hicha went out, hehe. She backed to Kobe from Shinjuku by bus on 10.20 pm, and since I arrived at Shinjuku on 9 pm, I decided to meet her. The first question she asked: “is there any restaurant around here?” Haha. Then I brought her to Siddique Shinjuku. She ordered tandoori chicken and rice. Since I’was still full after having dinner at Yumean, I only ordered this dessert. I don’t know the ingredients of this dessert, even I can’t find it on Google, haha. I guess it contained mango, cream, and sugar. I like mango but this dessert taste was too sweet for me.