Yesterday my family brought me to try kawa daun. Kawa is Minangkabau word for coffee and daun is Minangkabau or Indonesian word for leaves. Kawa daun is a Minangkabau traditional drink, especially from Kabupaten Tanah Datar, Sumatra Barat. Kawa daun originated from roasted dry leaves of coffee tree. The dried leaves is boiled with hot water and poured to coconut shell. The taste was between tea and coffee. We went to Tabek Patah, Kecamatan Salimpaung. On this area (Jl. Bukittinggi-Batusangkar), we could easily find kawa daun stalls. We entered Pondok Goreng Alifha Kawa Daun, Tabek Patah KM 16, Batusangkar, Sumatra Barat. They served not only kawa daun but also goreng (assorted fritters) such as tahu isi (filled tofu), bakwan (vegetable fritter), and goreng tapai (fried cassava tapai)Size of the goreng was big, and the price was only Rp1,000, except goreng pisang (banana fritters) which was Rp1,500. Kawa daun was only Rp2,000. Very cheap and delicious. You should try them. 🙂