Throwback June 6th again. From Ciwidey, we went to Bukit Moko, at eastern part of Bandung. Bukit Moko is the highest point in Bandung, and it has very beautiful night view. I have seen several Bandung night view from different spots and I can say that Bukit Moko is the best in Bandung! Up there, there is one cafe called Warung Daweung. I wasn’t really hungry so I just ordered this pisgor a.k.a pisang goreng (fried banana), served with mix of sugar and palm sugar, plus keju (cheese). It was the most delicious pisang goreng I’ve ever tried. No, I don’t exaggerate. Even I ordered one more because one portion is not enough, haha. Previously, my friend said that this menu was called pisang goreng berpasir (fried banana with “sand”). Yeah, the texture of sugar and palm sugar are really similar to sand. 😀