I returned to Indonesia on March 31st by Garuda Indonesia, and it was the same flight number and date (well, not including the year) to the flight I used 2 years ago. And here is a short story about this meal. 2 years ago, I didn’t order Moslem meal, but when I checked in at the airport, the staff asked me whether I would like to have Moslem meal or not, and I said yes. Maybe she asked that because I wore jilbab. Then on this flight, I thought I could ask for the Moslem meal later when I checked in. However, when I asked about the Moslem meal, the staff told me that special meal must be requested a minimum of 24 hours prior to departure. They asked other staff, and there were no more Moslem meal. They said they would try to find the vegetarian meal, and I added that Kosher meal was also fine. Finally they informed me that they couldn’t provide special meal. Well, no other choice, and I decided to eat any food they served (as long as it didn’t contain pork or alcohol) because I was really hungry. They provided two menus, and I chose meal consisted of roasted beef and tomato salad, chicken rendang, steamed rice and sauteed green beans with onion, bread and butter, panna cotta, and drinks. Some sources said that all of the served food in Garuda Indonesia are halal. But in my opinion, isn’t it strange that they still have Moslem meal whereas all foods are halal? Hmm.