Before returning to Tokyo, we dropped in a cheesecake shop, still neat the Kachi Kachi Ropeway entrance. I just made cheesecake the previous night, so I didn’t want to buy any cheesecake there. 😛 I saw some cheesecake factory products there, which reminded me to the place where Penny works in The Big Bang Theory serial, haha. I just waited for other friends, until I saw Bintang and Tami bought ice cream. I was tempted, and finally I bought one, hehe. Here was the price: single size (one kind of ice cream of your choice) 350 yen, double size (two kinds of ice cream of your choice) 400 yen. By my simple logic, it’s better to buy the double size, haha. I chose double berry and chocochip flavor, Tami has bought matcha and Hokkaido creamcheese flavor, and we were happy trying four kinds of them. 😀 By the way I just realized that the name was gelato, and I never knew that gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, haha. I often saw “gelato” in Saizeriya’s menu and previously I thought it was something made by using gelatin. 😆