On April 21st, I joined UKM Gathering program, a program that was held by UKM-ITB  to gather UKM’s member and alumni. It’s a kind of reunion for me after never joining UKM’s activities for 3 years when I was in Japan. After that program, some alumni and I had dinner at Bebek Garang restaurant in Jl. Sulanjana, Bandung. Bebek means duck, so it serves duck as the main dishes. I ordered bebek debus + nasi. It is duck grilled with spicy seasoning and served with rice and lalap (raw vegetable). Actually the debus  word came from the name of a martial art from Banten. Debus is a form of invulnerability to sharp objects; a supernatural force that provides resistance to sharp objects, beatings, and burns. Maybe they named it bebek debus  because of the spiciness of this menu. 😛