Today I took the last lesson from my cake course at ABC Cooking Studio. Among the available menus this month, I guess other menus mainly contain making cream or cake mixture by using mixer. I wanted to learn different technique on making cake and therefore I chose this menu. Apparently this cake (or cookies?) didn’t need mixer and egg. I could say that the basic mixture is like pie dough. We used the same dough for these two. The Carré Alsacien, the sweet one, ended with the mixture of sliced almond, dry raspberries, honey, cream, and butter plus raspberry jam on the top of the circle shaped dough. Salé Stick, the savory one, as its name (“salé” is French word for salt), is a stick with rock salt plus grated cheese as topping. Different from my previous lesson, today we got a nice box for bringing these home. It is look like I bought it in a shop, isn’t it? 😀